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About Us

RealTradersWebinar.com has been created to provide a forum where real traders, trading real money can have a voice in live events. We want to bring to light previously undiscovered and well known traders in the trenches taking real trades, using real practical strategies and let them talk about their trading, providing valuable experiences, precious gems, we can all learn from.

Marc Nicolas is an 23 year trading veteran. He cut his teeth as a trader for JP Capital, a division of Andover Trading. He has developed his own proprietary trading tools, The Probability Tools, which provide powerful support and resistance and trend continuation indicators. Since 2002, he has been mentoring multi-dimensional trading strategies for the eminis, forex, ETFs, stocks and options in the live markets, training total newbies to 25 year traders, some with institutional backgrounds such as Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

Dennis J. Mojares, Sr. has nineteen years experience as a financial advisor with the last nine years as the primary portfolio manager for his client’s portfolios. He spent four years with UBS Securities and Wells Fargo Advisors respectively. He spent 6 years as an independent advisor before he founded Horizon Point Wealth Management, LLC in 2008.