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RTW 001 – Best Options Trading Strategies Part 1

Best Options Trading Strategies – Part 1

In this first episode of the Real Traders Webinar Podcast we’ve chosen… “Part 1 of a 4 Part Series On… “Best Option Trading Strategies!”

Watch as Marc Nicolas, Founder of Day Trading Zones & Kevin M from Merlin Capital Management share their absolute… “Best Option Trading Strategies!” In total, at the time Im writing this, there are 4 parts in this series… But it continues to be added to every month!

Don’t forget to signup for these LIVE EVENTS for FREE by visiting http://www.RealTradersWebinar.com/hangouts! In this episode you’ll learn strategies such as… Best Options Trading Strategies & Specifically The Best “Weekly Options” Trading Strategies! http://www.RealTradersWebinar.com/hangouts

Best Options Trading Strategies - Best Weekly Options Strategy You'll Learn

Best Options Trading Strategies | Best Weekly Options Strategy | You’ll Learn In This Podcast…

Here Are Just A Few “Trading Strategies” You’ll Learn In This Episode…

3:37     A Trading Strategy On How to Make Money With Credit Spreads… By Picking The Correct Range!  

6:45     3 Strategies That Allows You To Profit From Credit Spread & Options!

10:06   The 3 KEY Components To WINNING With Credit Spread Options!

10:38   Options Trading Strategies That Make Money BY SELLING!

13:03   What Is “Time Decay”… And How It Effects Your Options Trading!

13:52   The Power Of “Time Decay! 23:23   Credit Spread Option Trading Strategies… BREAKEVENS!

26:40   When To BUY Your Options… And When To SELL Your Options!

41:38    Credit Spread Option SELLER Trading Strategies For Making Money!

49:03   How to Find Buyers & Sellers Through “Support & Resistance!”

56:16    How to Overlay & Confirm Your Option Chain Using Delta Formula!

56:44    The Range Of “IV” (Implied Volatility) You Want To Look For!

1:15:09   Credit Spread Options Trading Strategies “CheckList!”

1:32:38   LIVE Q&A Learn this and so much more… http://www.RealTradersWebinar.com/hangouts